What is FRAUD?

 Fraud charges are predicted on a false pretence or act of deceit which results in deprivation or prejudice to another persons property, services, or finances.

How we help

There are thousands of ways frauds are alleged to occur. Some more common allegations include Credit Card Fraud, Counterfeiting, Falsifying Business Records, submitting Fraudulent  Expense Reports, Forgery, etc.

The first step in planning a successful defence is to establish what method of fraud is alleged and determine how you are connected to the allegation. Many allegations of Fraud  are brought to light by internal corporate investigations that have nothing to do with the fraud you are alleged to have committed.  Our team will forensically review the records of the investigation to determine whether there is evidence to connect you to the deceitful act .

We have had many clients that have simply been in the"wrong place at the wrong time" or have not been aware that they were involved in deceitful scheme.

These allegations can have a serious impact on you current and future employment given the dishonesty that is alleged. We work to preserve your reputation and protect your rights throughout these cases. 

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