What is THEFT?

The offence of theft doesn't require much explanation. We have all grown up with the knowledge of what is our property and what is not. However, the law defines this offence broadly to include taking or converting another persons property with the intention to deprive.

How we help

The most common ways we win these cases is by proving that the theft never occurred or that the alledged offender had a reason to believe they had rights to the property.. In other cases, where the value of the property is minimal, we simply compensate the other party for the loss and resolve the case without a criminal record.

Its important to remember the theft must be intentional. When we can show that the theft was merely Incidental or accidental then the police cannot prove that a criminal offence has been committed. 

Many incidents of Theft are reported to police as "shoplifting" and involve relatively inexpensive items from retail stores.  We have successfully resolved hundreds of these cases to avoid criminal records and ensure that isolated incidents of theft do not lead to the stigma of a criminal record.

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