What is Assault?

The simple act of touching or causing another to fear for their safety is the basis for this charge. The act must be intentional and non-consensual.

How we help

There are many ways of defending these allegations and our office will work with you to determine the best plan-of-attack . 

The most common way we win these cases is by proving that the assault never occurred. In other cases, we justify the use of force by proving that the other party consented to the assault or by explaining that you were acting in self-defence,  

Its important to remember the act must be intentional. When we can show that the assault was merely Incidental or accidental then the police cannot prove that a criminal offence has been committed.

 Domestic disputes are one of the most common occurrences our firm can help your family with. We understand the importance of family and we will do everything we can to restore your family life. Many times domestic assault occurs as a result of other stresses in life. It is important that we work together to identify the underlying cause and establish ways to overcome them in the future.

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