Legal Aid Ontario is a government organization that provides access to Criminal Lawyers for low income individuals living in ontario. 

Legal Aid is not available for every case. There are two criteria that Legal Aid Lawyers will consider before deciding to fund your case in court:

1) Financial Eligibility- Generally speaking, if you receive financial assistance from any government program (ie. ODSP, Ontario Works, Etc), you are under 18 years old  and/or reside in a low-income household you will meet the financial eligibility. 

2) Legal Eligibility- You must be accused of committing a serious criminal offence that is likely to result in a jail sentence. It is important to understand that not every criminal allegation has a likelihood of you going to jail. Sentences for persons found guilty vary significantly. 

Even if you do not meet the criteria for legal aid, our fees are always competitive. We understand that legal fees are not something that families plan for. That is why payment plans are always available. Give us a call to discuss our Criminal Lawyers fees and whether funding is available for your case.

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